ZenA-min is a unique blend of quality minerals from several sources and various milling techniques designed to help horses enhance their performance; balance their stress levels; and enjoy the benefits that this equine supplement offers to horses with poor condition or difficult feet. They are combined with Canadian kelp, high grade vitamins, enzymes and anti-oxidants. Quantity fed daily is the only difference between an average horse and a performance horse.


Available in 4 Sizes:

Suggested Retail Price

  • 2 kg (3 months) – $64.00
  • 4 kg (6 months) – $112.00
  • 8 kg (12 months) – $179.00
  • 16 kg (24 months) – $320.00

Feeding Instruction:

Maintenance, older horses, brood mares, horses on a restricted diet and non-performance horses:

1-20cc scoop (23 grams) per 454 Kilos (1,000 lbs.) of body weight per day.

Performance horses, working horses and horses under stress: 2-4, 20cc scoops (23grams) per day per 454kilos (1000 lbs.)