About ZenA-min

ZenA-min is a vitamin and mineral supplement for horses. Developed and manufactured in Ontario, Canada, ZenA-min is a unique blend of quality minerals from several sources based on our original, 16 year old formula. Using the latest and most up to date ingredients including chelated vitamins, minerals, Biotin, Methionine and Anti-oxidants, ZenA-min has proven to be extremely bio-available to the body.

Many benefits include; healthy foot growth, more energy, improved coat and skin and condition.

Quantity fed is the only difference between the average horse and the performance horse or one with issues.

ZenA-min is GMO free and is safe and legal for showing and racing.

About Cheryl McKenna

I have owned and ridden horses since childhood, first on a variety of borrowed horses of various dispositions then on my own retired police horse, the perfect mount for a teenager.

Over the years I became the ultimate amateur horseperson, owning horses, riding consistently, taking lessons, competing, pouring my heart into each and every equine partner and working very hard to finance my joy.

One of my biggest thrills was to have my homebred mare in competition with the focus on 3 day eventing. A major problem for this horse was abscesses in her feet, monthly and as soon as the entry fee was paid. We all know the feeling, that first lame step that puts your heart in your mouth, the vet’s visit and the endless poulticing.

I was always looking for a nutrient solution to address this problem at a deep level. One day I was asked to test a mineral product on my horse and that’s how I found the solution. Zenamin (known by a different name then) was the basic formula that worked so well I bought the company so to speak. With help from my Veterinarian we made some some significant changes to the formula to address other equine issues such as respiration and condition.

My 3 day horse went on to compete successfully in Canada and the USA, had 5 lovely foals and spent her retirement at pasture until the age of 28.